I’ve got two super cutie pies at home and I’m raising them in as thoughtful and informed of a way as possible while still managing to get dinner on the table.  I read and research as much as I can and made parenting my full-time job for four years, until Kazia and I started up Mama Needs a Drink. 

In my former life before babies, I worked in museum education and then ran my own business designing fabrics for baby and home goods.  I decided to close down my business when I became pregnant with my first child.  Graham is now six years old and Cora is three.  These two little humans continue to amaze and overwhelm me, and I so enjoy watching them grow and change. 

Connecting with other moms has been a huge support and inspiration to me in this phase of my life and I’m so excited to create opportunities for moms to make new connections at Mama Needs a Drink.


I'm a DONA-certified Postpartum Doula and mother to a six year old dynamo named Rae, and smiley, sweet baby Sonny.

Originally from Louisville, KY, I moved to Cambridge, MA after college where I picked up my husband and took off for sunny California.

Motherhood is my full-time job, when not running mother's groups with Robyn or being a doula for brand new families.  Having a baby, toddler, and little girl has been a wonderful, awesome, harrowing, and amazing experience that has led to many, many times where mama needed a drink, literally and metaphorically. 

I have made it my life's work to support mamas and all of their needs during this amazing time of raising tiny people.