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SUCH A GREAT GROUP FOR NEW MOMS!!  Kazia and Robyn are like these knowledgeable, supportive, positive big sisters who may not know all the answers, but know the book you should read or the expert you should see or they've had the same experience of they have a friend who went through the same thing... -- in short, they're great. They were this weekly calming force in what was otherwise a kind of chaotic "omg what do I do with this baby!!!" year of my life. And as if that wasn't enough, they make different gourmet snacks paired with wine for every class. Uh, yeah. You read that correctly.  The group of women was fantastic. It was a great way to meet other westside moms and get your baby some interaction with other babies. I made friends and my baby made friends, how can you beat that? I owe some of my closest "mom friends" to this group.  In summary, my one-year-old and I give this group a collective four thumbs up :)

— Julia L.

I always knew when I had a baby I'd want to join a mommy and me group. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to find one that I liked. MNaD was a godsend for me. I went every Thursday and it was the thing I looked forward to most each week.  It's led by Robyn and Kazia, two moms with young kids who not too long ago went through the baby phase. They have great speakers every other week and every other week they lead a discussion with the group. While I loved many of the speakers and learned a lot about things like language development, baby massage, positive discipline, etc., I also loved the discussion weeks which enabled me to bond with some wonderful women who I've become close friends with.  Robyn and Kazia give great advice while encouraging moms to do what they feel is right for themselves. They've cultivated a group that's extremely supportive and non-judgmental.  To make things a little more fun than your average mommy and me group, Robyn and Kazia serve delicious snacks paired with a fun beverage every week. This group attracts fun, easy going and down to earth new moms because the women who run it have all those characteristics. Now my baby girl is almost 1 and graduating out of the group. We will miss it so so much but are so thankful for what it has given us in this first year!

— Jessica W.

I can't say enough about this wonderful "mommy group". That the facilitators, Kazia & Robyn, have created something special and unique from other host-sponsored mommy groups is largely due, I believe, to their own warmth and caring natures. They're not there to "educate" us but instead to support our journeys as we navigate our first year of motherhood.  The caliber of the bi-weekly guest speakers was impressive but I also loved the weeks when we mommies just dished about what was on our minds. K & R often introduced "talk topics" to get us thinking and to support our relationships with our littles, which I always found salient and pertinent to my developmental moment in mommiehood.  My son and I have now graduated out as we are turning 1 year old in a few weeks; he will officially be a TODDLER and I will become the mother of one we call by THAT name. ;-) It's been a fearful, tearful, joyful, crazy love-filled, mind and soul opening year made exponentially better and more manageable with the fellowship of the wonderful hosts and mommies from MNaD. And I am so grateful.

— Mirina M.

Mama Needs a Drink is a godsend for moms navigating the new world of life with baby. It's one part food and drink (and who couldn't use some snacks), one part guest speakers (every other week) and one part support group (because good lord, new mom life can be isolating).
Kazia and Robyn are wonderful and foster a positivity and love for the babies that make you feel at home each week. I started coming with my baby boy when he was 3 months old. He's now a bouncing, squeaky 10 month old and here are just a few things I've learned from my time there: Baby Massage, Starting Solids, Sleep Training Basics, Baby Yoga... Okay, there's definitely more. But with mommy brain, that's all I can remember. Damn you mommy brain!  I'd also name off all the wonderful snacks and special beverages that Kazia and Robyn have whipped up week to week which I remember deliciously vividly. But I won't because I don't want you to start drooling over your computer.

— Sari K.

What an great group, I feel so lucky to have found it. Kazia and Robyn create a fun, open, easy going vibe. There is no judgement in this group, which helps to facilitate great conversations, open dialogue, and the opportunity to learn. They also have a variety of guest speakers who bring a wealth of knowledge. There is a lot of information we need to know as parents and each speaker brings you a morsel just when you need it.   My daughter and I have loved being a part of this group and we have met a great group of women and babies, who are now our friends. If you are looking for a down to earth, honest, fun group, this is it.

— Shannon W.

This is a great group for new moms. Kazia and Robyn are really welcoming and its nice sharing with other moms and learning from each other. Its a great way to meet people and escape from the house for a little while. Plus theres always yummy snacks and drinks that the ladies prepare, which is an added perk!

— Jamie F.

Mama Needs a Drink was a lifeline for me during my first few months of motherhood. Alas, I am no longer able to attend now that I am back at work full time (meetings are on Fridays), but I enjoyed every meeting that I was able to attend. The hosts, Robyn and Kazia, are warm and personable, and I really enjoyed meeting other local mamas and learning more about different aspects of motherhood from the experts they brought in every other session. They always have delicious snacks and drinks for everyone and the group discussions are open and fun. It's a great way to spend an afternoon with your baby while enjoying the companionship of other moms!

— Pamela C.