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The goal of Mama Needs a Drink is to emotionally support and educate new moms.  We focus on giving mamas an opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves, to be pampered and taken care of - an all too rare occasion for parents of tiny babies.  We offer a variety of programs to accomplish this goal, including weekly meetings, evening workshops and social events.  

Our weekly meetings are as much a social gathering as they are a support group. Our aim is to bring mamas and their babies (0-12 months) together to listen, encourage and share their experiences. Our role, as hosts, is to moderate discussions and act as an informational resource.  We also provide an array of skilled professionals to offer relevant information for mamas and babies.  Weekly get-togethers are held in a fun, nurturing, safe space where you can bring your baby, and whatever is on your mind.

Our evening events offer moms a chance to go out and be in an adult environment with other moms who are going through similar experiences. As with all our programs, The Evening Workshop Series has a social component, but evening workshops are more focused on delving into a topic with a trained therapist or educator, whereas the Mama’s Night Out social events are just pure relaxation and fun.

Through all our programs, we will help bring you together with other mamas, providing you with an opportunity to form new friendships and build a reliable support network.  You will find open ears, lively conversation, advice and information--all while being treated to snacks and drinks.