How do I sign up?

The first class is complimentary, simply email us to let us know you're coming.  After that, if you would like to join, you can become a weekly member by signing up for a package of six classes.  Since life with a tiny baby is so unpredictable, you have eight weeks to use your six classes.  Enrollment is open, so you can join any time!  Click here to register!

Are all of the babies in the group vaccinated?

Our goal is keep all of our members safe, especially our tiniest, newest babies. Of course not all of our babies are old enough to be fully vaccinated, but we do need a copy of your up to date records. We do make allowances for staggering immunizations or a health issue that prevents your baby from being vaccinated.  Please contact us to discuss the specifics of these exceptions, or if you have any further questions about this policy. 

Can Dads join?

Dads who are primary caregivers are welcome to join, but the group is not for mothers and fathers to come to together or interchangeably. We hope to open a Dada Needs a Drink group in the future.

Are older siblings welcome?

Unfortunately due to space and curriculum, this is only a group for babies of 12 months and younger.  We know it can be hard to deal with childcare for older children, but to preserve the group dynamics, we have this limit.

What is "Mama's Night Out"?

Mama's Night Out is a social event we plan periodically to get all our mamas together, without babies, for a night out on the town.  All past and present Mama Needs a Drink members are invited to attend.  Our goal is to plan a super fun outing where you can relax, eat, drink and bond with the Mama Needs a Drink community.  Mama's Nights Out could be Pizza and Pedis, Craft Night, Chocolate Tasting, Chili and Movie Night, or Cheese Tasting.  These nights are a separate fee from the MNaD membership, and are optional, however highly recommended!  So line up that childcare and join us for some fun!!

What is the "Workshop Series"?

The Evening Workshops are a series of classes offered every few months that allow us to delve deeply into a topic with a therapist or parent educator. Each workshop meets every other week for four nights in all.  The first part of the night is chatty and social as we snack on cheese, followed by an in-depth discussion of our topic with our resident expert.  All past and present Mama Needs a Drink members are invited to attend. These adult only workshops are optional and a separate fee from the MNaD Membership.  They are social, fun, informative and will give youtools to use in your everyday life as well as inspire you to be the parent you want to be.